The Sins of the Saints



The horse and carriage looked resplendent in the autumnal sun as the smiling lovers stepped inside. For the next hour, they would revel in the romance of a simpler time. They would welcome the escape to that bygone era now owned by the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. Those heady days of rampant chivalry and unashamed chauvinism. Today, for these two lovers, it was ok. Today, it was acceptable. Today, they would embrace the old ways and celebrate the past.

But only for an hour.

As they settled in and made themselves comfortable, she had squealed with delight after he’d magically produced a silk handkerchief and made a big show of wiping down her seat, thereafter placing a protective arm around her as if to complete the charade. The driver had patiently waited until their sideshow was over before he set off into Central Park. This unique experience for them was just another fare to him.

From one of the many luxury penthouses that enjoy an unobstructed view overlooking the park, a lady much older than they watched them disappear under the blanket of trees. All too few vibrant green leaves proudly held onto the last vestiges of summer, but were now interspersed between those of soft reds and browns – just as was expected for this time of year. How she envied the couple. Only love can provide such joy, such excitement.

Where one is expected and encouraged to be both careless and carefree.

She gazed lazily upon the spot where the carriage had just been but it was her own memories she now saw in her mind’s eye. Memories so fresh from so long ago. A lifetime now, for one of them at least.

He had been so handsome. Charming too, of course. She caught a smile as she admitted to herself that she would never have discovered just how charming had he not been so handsome. It was an indulgent, almost guilty, smile. The smile of a naïve girl. Indulgently, she closed her eyes and savored every second of the moment. He would have been discarded along with so many of her other suitors had he not been, well, quite so handsome.

The highlights from their lifetime of shared memories began to play slowly in her mind. A solitary tear escaped as she recalled their wedding day and, of course, the honeymoon. He was her first. Her only. As it should be. Through the years there had been offers, but she had always refused. She knew he hadn’t always been faithful but she loved him nonetheless. He was, after all, only a man. They were all weak to the sins of the flesh. His indiscretions were for his own conscience but he had always loved her, she knew that. Another smile, one of self-satisfaction.

The shrill tones of the telephone startled her and immediately drew her attention back inside their home. Now, sadly, only her home. She ignored the offensive cacophony and wondered if it would ever be normal to live here – to live anywhere – alone. The very thought brought an anger, a rage, from deep inside. As she choked it back down, she slowly picked up the receiver.

“We’ve got them.” That was all that the male owner of the gruff voice said before he hung up.

 A malevolent smile settled comfortably around her mouth although she’d never said a word.


 The Christmas Presenttcp front

I have a little secret to tell you that not many people know. Something that maybe your mum and dad don’t even know!

You see, at the very moment you were born, Santa allocated you an elf. It’s true! Your very own elf who watches to see when you have been naughty and nice. Every year, just before Christmas, your elf reports to Santa so he can decide what presents you can have from your list.

Yet there are some people that don’t believe in Santa. I know, I know, it’s crazy… but it’s true! Once those people stop believing in Santa, then their elf’s are sent away from the North Pole and only allowed back when they start to believe in him again.

Gabriel the Elf is very worried. His child is beginning to think that Santa isn’t real. Gabriel the Elf doesn’t want to be banished from all his friends at the North Pole, so what can he do? There is only one thing he can do.

He must prove that Santa is real.

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A Tale of Three Cities

***18+ PLEASE BE ADVISED – This book is written and intended for adult readers only***

“You can run but you cannot hide” – something that Kristy Bradley knows only too well.

Having escaped the seedy core that is the big apple, and leaving a mafia don convicted of her alleged kidnapping, Kirsty created a new life for herself as Penny. Having finally found happiness with Z, they are living the perfect life together, blissfully happy on her sprawling Scottish estate.

That is, until, Melissa Chisholm has a chance encounter with a dated magazine article revealing her true identity. With intentions as pure as her naivety – not to mention the million-dollar reward – she has no idea of the perilous danger that awaits her arrival in New York.

Now the race is on for Penny and Z to protect all that they hold dear…..each other.





Greater Expectations

***18+ PLEASE BE ADVISED – This book is written and intended for adult readers only***

It is said that the course of true love never runs smooth – even for us men. Yet it has never been easier to find love than in this modern digital era where the mighty computer has all but rendered Cupid redundant. Love is now to be found, quite literally, at your fingertips. Although love also seems to have changed with the times. This new love is deceitful and manipulative, cunning and untrustworthy. Love has gotten ugly. Thankfully, not all the answers to life’s mysteries are to be found in the computer and Cupid – battered and bruised as he may be – proves that he still has some game and a few tricks up his sleeve…