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I’m hugely excited to announce that “The Christmas Present” is in the throes of being illustrated and the initial images are FANTASTIC and I’m sure that the fully illustrated book is going to be just AWESOME!!!

This revised edition will include some tweaks and changes, not least of which is the first appearance of Gladys the Reindeer, and it should be all ready for reissuing in a few short weeks…


So today I’m also delighted to announce the introduction of Gladys the Reindeer!

It came to my attention that the use of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” infringed copyright and so I have now withdrawn him from “The Christmas Present”. However, this merely allowed me to introduce a totally new character and so, today, I am delighted to announce “Gladys the Reindeer”.

From The Christmas Present:

As said by Gabriel the Elf.

“Of course, it’s not just any old reindeer. This is Gladys. She is the happiest of all Santa’s reindeer and can always be relied upon to cheer you up, no matter how sad you are. Happiness is even in her name – ‘GLADys’. That’s why I brought her with me, as I definitely need cheering up. All thanks to you.”


 My final announcement is perhaps the most exciting.

This year we are going to have on offer a gift set of both the fully illustrated edition of “The Christmas Present” complete with its very own snow globe!

The perfect gift for every kid at Christmas (Of course my opinion may be a little biased… Haha!)

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